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Teachers and support staff are becoming increasingly undervalued in our society and this can impact your enjoyment of work and your mental health. There is not enough time to talk, listen, reflect, and collaborate in schools. At Teach Happy, we care about the person you are behind the teacher role so that you can continue teaching, caring for, and including all children.

Our online support will provide you with accessible supervision and coaching, positive communication tips, and free resources that help you feel valued, make positive changes, and create collaborative and inclusive school communities.

People who teach are amongst the most important in society


One Good Teacher                  


4 min watch

Carmen Pellicer Iborra - A Teacher Can Change a Student, a School, a Community                                                             

11 min watch

If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching

 4 min watch

World Without Teachers



                                                                                      4 min watch

Tom Gilliford - Let's ban 'teachers' 

7 min watch

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