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A space for you  when you need it 

Personal Wellbeing
 Teach Happy
Confidential Space, Listening & Mutual Trust

The Teach Happy Framework of Support

Professional Practice

At Teach Happy, Support, Training and Professional Practice are the basis of our framework. On this, a model of supervision is developed, which is  person centred, accessible, encourages continuous development, built on trust, and focused on Reflection, Adaption and Action.


Restoring wellbeing is the focus of our support. Having positive relationships at work boosts morale and motivation. Listening, being heard, giving and receiving encouragement and thanks, acknowledging feelings and recognising achievements, all lead to being happier and healthier. As a result, education professionals are more resilient, engaged and committed to providing a high quality and sustainable education experience for children and young people and the wider school community.


Continuous Professional Development is well established in education. Teach Happy places the focus on personal wellbeing, positive relationships and behaviour management & inclusion Find out more about our training

Professional Practice

Teach Happy follows and advocates for best practice through its support and training sessions in line with the established education and inclusion, safeguarding and health and safety policies, with a duty of care and quality of education for children and young people.

Reflection - A process of reflection will be facilitated with a focus on practice, the support you need and the possibility of training and development in an area of need.

Adaption - Having reflected on the above areas, Teach Happy, through positive strategies and scripts will guide you in adapting to a more pro-active rather than reactive role in the classroom and wider school community.

Action - Step by step, as you feel more empowered and regain purpose, you will put into action in your classroom and school community what you have learned and reach a feeling of wellbeing which can impact positively on both your professional and home life.

Listening and Mutual Trust - We will listen openly to what you say, your worries, stresses and concerns in a non-judgmental, non-critical and caring way, building a mutual trust.

Confidential Space -

At Teach Happy we provide an independent space to talk where you can be assured that the conversation will be confidential.

At the heart of Teach Happy is Personal Wellbeing. Our Framework of Support creates an independent and confidential space for you to reflect on you and your practice helping you to feel empowered, regain a sense of purpose and establish positive relationships, whether in the classroom or in the staffroom.

To learn more about Supervision please visit our Relevant Research page.

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