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What do you think of when you hear the word Supervision?

Monitoring performance? Stress & Pressure?    


Checklists? Authority?

At Teach Happy, we think differently. We think Supervision is:

being listened to

personal wellbeing

practical strategies

ongoing support

Supervision is not a therapy service, it is a safe space for you to reflect, acknowledge and talk through the emotional impact of work on your wellbeing and explore the theme of work-life balance.


Teach Happy offers the unique opportunity for education professionals to access Supervision at home, in school, or on the go as you want or need it.

We offer online face to face Supervision sessions which you can access via your laptop, tablet or mobile phone while in the comfort of your own home or wherever your feel comfortable. Book your independent, confidential session with Regina now.

If you are a member of your school management team and you wish to use this service for your team or other staff members, it is possible to arrange a package of individual online face to face Supervision sessions. Please contact us for further details at and we will make arrangements that work for you and your school community

Alternatively, you or your school team may prefer in-person Supervision sessions at your school or off-site, or you may have a preference for group supervision, also known as Work Discussion Groups (WDGs). If this is of interest to you or your school team, please contact us at We will make arrangements that work for you and your school community (currently only available Republic of Ireland)

To learn more about Work Discussion Groups please visit our

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