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At Teach Happy we value teachers and this means we value your role in our community.

Teaching is a rewarding profession, but sometimes stress and workload become too much, sometimes we can’t meet the needs of a child in our classroom the way we want to, sometimes we feel we have less autonomy than we'd like, and sometimes we feel like walking away from education altogether.

But teachers continue to do their job because they care and Teach Happy is here to care about you.

What do you think of when you hear the word Supervision?

Monitoring performance? More stress & pressure? Checklists? Authority?

At Teach Happy, we think differently. We think Supervision is:

being listened to

personal wellbeing

practical strategies

ongoing support

Supervision is a safe space for you to reflect, acknowledge and talk through the emotional impact of work on your wellbeing and explore the theme of work-life balance.

Coaching is a sounding board for goal setting and achieving and personal development and direction.

How can coaching benefit you?


At Teach Happy, our coaching provides an independent, confidential space to talk things through, gain perspective and set out achievable actions, building resilience and confidence.

Topics covered can include:


Work Relationships & Communication

Career Progression

Restoring wellbeing is the focus of our support through the unique combination of supervision and coaching. Having positive relationships at work boosts morale and motivation. Listening, being heard, giving and receiving encouragement and thanks, acknowledging feelings and recognising achievements, all lead to being happier and healthier. As a result, school staff are more resilient, engaged and committed to providing a high quality and sustainable education experience for children and young people and the wider school community.


Teach Happy?

It’s easy to get started with Teach Happy Supervision & Coaching. Email us or fill in the contact box and we’ll chat about what you need and what you can gain. We run sessions outside of school hours and you can have one session or several throughout the year. It’s up to you. Each session has a follow up email included.


Our supervision & coaching sessions take place via video call. This way they are accessible and flexible, at home or wherever you feel comfortable.


Regina Gilroy


Our Coach

A natural ability to communicate, support and encourage whilst considering an individual, team or organisation's needs, Regina has almost twenty years working with children, families and practitioners and has a Masters in International Education and Development. She is skilled in establishing constructive relationships. Her experience is wide and varied across education and community settings in the private, public and non-profit sectors. 

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