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Education is a rewarding profession, but sometimes stress and workload become too much. Sometimes you feel you can’t meet the needs of a child or young person the way you want to, sometimes you have less autonomy than you would like or you are lacking team support, and sometimes you feel like walking away from education altogether.


We get it. With years of experience working in education, charities and communities, Teach Happy has evolved in response to these challenges.  


Restoring wellbeing is the focus of our support. We use coaching, training and resources to help you focus on you and your role.


Talking, being heard, reflecting, acknowledging your feelings and recognising your achievements empowers you. 

Having positive relationships at work, being kind, giving and receiving encouragement and thanks boosts morale and motivation and leads to you feeling valued and supported.  


Combined, these elements create a happier and healthier you. As a result, education practitioners are more resilient, can be more engaged with each other and more empowered to provide a high quality and sustainable education experience for children, young people and the wider school community.

Meet the team

Regina Gilroy, Coach & Trainer

I am from and live in the west of Ireland. Over the years I chose to live in different parts of the world because I am curious and seek to understand the world at both a local and global level.


One of the things I enjoy the most is connecting with people, and all my experiences in life, both bad and good, help me do that. My instinct is to see the individual, the human being behind the words and actions.


I am a natural optimist and I believe this allows me to be genuine and trustworthy and to connect in an honest way, offering people a different space to explore their goals through coaching and training. 

If you would like to know more about me and my professional journey you can see my LinkedIn profile and my dedicated Life Coaching website

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Jayne McCall, Co-founder and Operations


Originally from the north of England, I have lived in several places across the UK and Ireland such as Brighton, Dublin and Glasgow.  Currently I live in the west of Ireland, drawn to its coastline and slower pace of life.


Wellbeing and balance in my life have become a priority in the past few years, and I enjoy being able to share experiences and the tips I have learned with others. While I believe we are all unique, I also feel we relate most to each other through our experiences and I draw on this in my approach to shared wellbeing.

I am a born organiser and am always on the look out for better ways to arrange systems and processes, whether that be office operations or my vinyl collection!


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